TOP 10 Horton Hears a Who SVG Free Files

TOP 10 Horton Hears a Who SVG Free Files

Horton, an imaginative character created by the renowned author Dr. Seuss, is a large and compassionate elephant. Appearing in several works by Dr. Seuss, such as “Horton Hears a Who!” and “Horton Hatches the Egg,” Horton is not only known for his adorable appearance but also his strong spirit and boundless compassion.

Horton is recognized for his ability to listen to the small and overlooked. In “Horton Hears a Who!”, he hears cries for help from a speck of dust and makes significant efforts to protect the tiny world filled with creatures known as Whos. Horton’s perseverance, faith, and love drive the humorous and meaningful adventures.

With rich imagination and profound humanistic messages, Dr. Seuss’s character Horton has become an icon of loyalty and unity, captivating millions of readers worldwide.

Below are Horton designs from SVGTrending. The designs come in 4 formats SVG PNG EPS DXF so you can use them for many different purposes:
Horton 12 Horton 2 Horton 3 Horton 4 Horton 5 Horton 6Horton 8 Horton 9 Horton 10 Horton 11

Above are our new free Horton SVG designs in the Dr. Seuss SVG collection. Check out the latest and highest-quality Dr. Seuss SVG designs selected at SVGTrending. We believe these designs will be helpful to you as you create meaningful gifts.


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