Step By Step To Draw A Monster

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Hello everyone, today I will guide you on how to draw simple monsters that might only take 5 minutes. I will try to bring you more enjoyable things like this in the future, so if you find it interesting, please comment below so I can create similar posts. And don’t forget to visit SVG Trending to discover interesting and adorable images with high quality.

Pink Monster (Cloudy)

Starting with an adorable pink monster characterized by a quite cute and friendly personality. I named it Cloudy because it looks chubby and soft. Let’s create Cloudy together, shall we?

Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Adorable Pink Monster
Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Finish This Cute Pink

Three Eyes Monster (Jake)

Next is a monster with a whopping 3 eyes. However, this monster is quite introverted as he stays inside caves and loves farming, as you can see its favorite tool is a big pestle . I named he Jake because I have a friend named Jake, and its personality is quite similar to his (Sorry, Jake). Let’s bring Jake to life!

Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Start With Three Eyes
Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Take Him The Pestle

Running Monster (Hendry)

Can’t forget a monster with the hobby of chasing others, right? Meet Hendry, and his legs are quite long, with sharp claws and bright white teeth, making any creature fear him. However, Hendry just wants to jog to improve his health and has no intention of threatening others (though that might be a bit challenging). Let’s bring him into our drawing!

Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Wow! His Teeth Are So White
Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Run Away Nowww

Horned Monster (Mark)

Mark has a pair of dazzling horns and well-defined muscles. His hobbies include hitting the gym and maintaining a healthy diet. Truly a fitness enthusiast monster, isn’t he? And here is the portrait of Mark.

Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Is His Hair Looks Kinda Good?
Step By Step To Draw A Monster 👹
Honestly I’m Scared

Thank you all for watching, and I hope you achieve the desired drawings. If you find drawing a bit challenging, there’s still a solution for those less artistically inclined – visit SVG Trending and download high-quality images at an affordable price (and I bet they’ll be even more beautiful than the four monsters I just guided you to draw). Leave a comment below to inspire me for future posts.

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