How to Use Silhouette to Cut Cricut Images

How to Use Silhouette to Cut Cricut Images

If you’re not a novice in the crafting field, you might be familiar with cutting machines and how they can provide the boost your crafting game needs.

Furthermore, you may have heard of names, brands, manufacturers, and types of machines. If so, Cricut and Silhouette may not sound too unfamiliar to you, as both are popular manufacturers of cutting machines.

However, there are notable differences between these two names and the products they can offer you. This distinction is often not clear, especially for those new to crafting who may be unsure about which product to choose. Silhouette and Cricut are two popular brands that manufacture electronic cutting machines, each with its own set of features, capabilities, and ecosystem. Here are some key differences between Silhouette and Cricut machines:

1. Open Silhouette. Click on library.

Open Silhouette

2. Find the silhouette file you would like to use in Cricut Design Space. Double-click on it.


3. The file will appear in the work area. Click on the line style tool


4. Select the line fill to black


5. Click on the fill tool. Fill with black.


6. Select the page setup icon. Click on the grid options.


7. Remove the grid lines.


8. Take a screenshot of the design. Save the file as a jpeg.


9. Open Cricut Design Space. Click on new project.


10. Select the upload icon.


11. Click on upload image.


12. Click on browse. Select your screenshot.


13. The screenshot will appear in your upload image window. Select the simple option and then continue.


14. Using the wand tool, remove the background from the design. then click continue.


15. You now have 2 options. to print and cut or just import cut files. Select cut files and save.


16. The silhouette file is now in the Cricut design space work area. Click on make it.


17. You can now cut the silhouette file in your Cricut machine.


Above are the How to Use Silhouette to Cut Cricut Images. We hope this article will bring useful information to you. Don’t forget to explore our Free SVG Files and more related articles below. Thanks for reading.

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