Creating DIY Snow Globe Tumbler – Easy Tutorial

Creating DIY Snow Globe Tumbler Easy Tutorial

What is a snow globe tumbler?

A Snow Globe Tumbler likely refers to a type of tumbler or drinkware that incorporates elements of a snow globe. Snow globes are decorative items that typically consist of a glass or plastic sphere filled with water, glitter, and often a miniature scene or figurine. When shaken, the glitter floats around, creating a snow-like effect.

A Snow Globe Tumbler might take inspiration from this concept and combine it with a tumbler or cup design. It could feature double-walled construction, with a liquid-filled chamber between the walls containing glitter or decorative elements that move when the tumbler is shaken. The liquid used in a Snow Globe Tumbler, as known as snow globe tumbler liquid, typically consists of a combination of water and an additive such as glycerin or baby oil. This mixture is designed to create a visually appealing and slow-motion effect when the tumbler is shaken.

Snow Globe Tumbler
Snow Globe Tumbler

All you need to make a snow globe tumbler

Creating a Snow Globe Tumbler can be a fun and creative DIY project. Here’s a list of materials you might need to prepare:

Tumbler or Travel Mug

Select a clear, double-walled tumbler or travel mug. The double walls allow for the creation of the snow globe effect.

Waterproof Adhesive

To seal the tumbler and prevent any leaks, you’ll need a strong, waterproof adhesive. Epoxy resin or a waterproof silicone sealant are good options.

Glitter or Confetti

Choose glitter or confetti in various shapes and sizes to create the snow-like effect. Make sure it is waterproof.

Miniature Figurines or Decorative Items

Select small, waterproof figurines or decorations that fit the theme you want for your snow globe. Consider holiday-themed items or items that represent a specific scene.

Glycerin or Baby Oil

Glycerin or baby oil can be added to the water to slow down the movement of the glitter, creating a more realistic snow globe effect.

Distilled Water

Use distilled water to fill the globe. This helps prevent cloudiness or impurities that might affect the visual appeal.

Food Coloring (optional)

If you want to add color to the water, use a few drops of food coloring. Make sure it’s compatible with water and won’t fade over time.

Mixing Bowl or Cup

Use a separate container to mix the water, glycerin or baby oil, and glitter.

Disposable Stirring Stick

Use a disposable stick to mix the water and glitter.

Small Funnel

A small funnel can help you pour the water into the tumbler without making a mess.

Rubbing Alcohol

Use rubbing alcohol to clean the surface of the tumbler before applying adhesive.

How To Make a Snow Globe Tumbler

Step 1: Drilling a Hole in the Tumbler

Step 1

Begin by selecting a clear, double-walled tumbler or travel mug. Carefully drill a small hole near the top of the tumbler. This hole will be used to add your liquid mixture and decorative elements.

Step 2: Clean Up the HoleStep 2

After drilling, clean up any rough edges around the hole using fine-grit sandpaper. This ensures a smooth and polished appearance for your Snow Globe Tumbler.

Step 3: Adding the Glitter

Step 3

Choose glitter or confetti in various shapes and sizes. Insert these through the hole into the tumbler. This step sets the stage for the magical snowfall effect inside your tumbler.

Step 4: Glitter Quality Control

Step 4

Shake and rotate the tumbler to ensure an even distribution of glitter. Adjust the amount of glitter until you achieve the desired visual effect. This step is crucial for perfecting the snow globe illusion.

Step 5: Making Your Liquid Mix

Step 5

Prepare a mixture of distilled water and glycerin or baby oil in a separate container. Experiment with the ratio to achieve the desired viscosity. Consider adding a few drops of clear dish soap for delicate bubbles.

Step 6: Filling Your Cup

Step 6

Using a small funnel, carefully pour the liquid mixture into the tumbler, filling it almost to the top. Leave some space to avoid spills when sealing.

Step 7: Fill Levels

Step 7

Ensure that the liquid fills the tumbler appropriately, leaving a small gap at the top. This gap prevents overflow when you seal the tumbler.

Step 8: Preparing the Epoxy

Mix epoxy resin according to the manufacturer’s instructions. Epoxy will act as a waterproof sealant to prevent leaks and secure the glitter and liquid inside.

Step 9: Sealing a snow globe tumbler

Step 10

Apply epoxy around the hole on the exterior of the tumbler, ensuring a watertight seal. Allow the epoxy to cure completely before moving on to the next steps.

Step 10: Adding a Vinyl Design

Step 10

Create a vinyl design or purchase pre-cut vinyl stickers. These can add a personalized touch to your Snow Globe Tumbler.

Create a vinyl design or purchase pre-cut vinyl stickers. These can add a personalized touch to your Snow Globe Tumbler. This is very popular with those who love making crafts by personalizing images on Snow Globe Tumbler. I know you’re curious about where you can get these vinyl designs. By the way, I also want to share with you about Dr. Seuss SVG that you can apply to your favorite Snow Globe Tumbler. These items are all the latest designs on the theme Dr. Seuss was updated in 2024. Hopefully, they are a useful resource for you to unleash your creativity.

Dr. Seuss Vinyl Designs

Step 11: Positioning Your Design

Carefully position the vinyl design on the exterior of the tumbler. Press it firmly to ensure proper adhesion. Vinyl designs can include festive holiday themes or any creative design of your choice.

Once the epoxy has fully cured and your vinyl design is securely in place, admire your handcrafted Snow Globe Tumbler. Shake it gently to watch the glitter dance and enjoy your customized, enchanting drinkware creation!


Crafting your own DIY Snow Globe Tumbler is a rewarding and imaginative endeavor that brings a touch of magic to your daily routine. By following the steps, from drilling the hole and adding the glitter to sealing the tumbler with epoxy, you’ve created a piece of drinkware that captures the enchantment of a snow globe. The personalized vinyl design adds a unique flair, making your tumbler a conversation starter and a delightful addition to any gathering. Share your creation with friends and family, and inspire others to embark on their own DIY adventures. Happy crafting! 

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